(above) salt from the salt mine

photo taken by Autumn

Our school recently had spring break, and guess where I went? 🙂 I went to Poland! Although it was about a total of twelve traveling hours in three planes, it was worth it!

When my dad and I arrived in Poland, my heart skipped a beat. I was so excited! My dad took me with him because he had a scientific meeting there.

The first place we stayed was in the city of Ustrón. The hotel had a pool, which of course I went in. There was also a bird and animal tour where I saw different kinds of hawks and falcons. There even had a bald eagle! You could also pet the deer-like animals that just roamed around the trails freely! It was quite amazing. They had animals from bunnies to hogs, and even llamas!

Another place we stayed in was Krakow, a major city in Poland. We did many tours, including the Salt Mine. The picture above is some salt from the mine. The mine was extremely deep below the ground; over 200 feet at the least!

Poland was so fun. I hope to visit there again sometime and learn more!